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Insulated Roofing Sheets in West Sussex

Insulated roofing sheets in West Sussex are ideal for any situation where thermal performance is important for the operation of the structure. They can retain much more heat compared to regular metal roofing sheets and virtually eradicate condensation from the building. They can be manufactured to meet your requirements. Our Thermaclad roofing sheets guarantee that the use of your building is trouble free and efficient.

Our insulated roofing sheets in West Sussex do not use a double skin ‘built-up’ approach that is done during the installation process. They are composite panels that integrate a sandwich of insulation in between two layers of steel – this allows for a quick and easy installation that delivers results much sooner. Insulated roofing sheets guarantee a uniform coverage of insulation that will help to keep your building warm in winter, and cool in summer. This will save you money spent on heating bills over time and when combined with the ease of maintenance provided by steel roofing sheets, the product is a long-term asset.

The increase in rigidity and strength multiple layers provide means that insulated roofing sheets in West Sussex can be created in larger spans, improving the installation process. Additionally, they are completely non-toxic and odourless, as well as being CFC and HFC free. An insulated roofing panel will not deteriorate over time if properly installed. The insulation core is unaffected by bacteria or mould, nor will it provide nutritional value for insects and vermin, meaning that your roof is safe from all outdoor elements. The skins have a Class 1 surface spread of flame and attain a Class 0 rating.

What are Insulated Roofing Sheets best used for?

Insulated metal roofing sheets in West Sussex are perfect if you want to avoid condensation in a building, stop the building getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter or want to insulate the building.

Insulated roofing sheets in West Sussex are available in a range of materials and thicknesses of insulation.

Sheets are available in a range of materials with insulation ranging from 40mm up to 135mm.

What is the difference between insulated roof cladding sheets and composite roofing panels?

Insulated roof cladding and composite roofing panels are essentially the same things; roofing sheets which will provide you with a level of insulation. Composite refers to the fact that the insulation is sandwiched between two metal sheets. And outer protective skin and an internal decorative skin.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our insulated roofing sheets in West Sussex, do get in touch with a member of our sales team and they will be happy to assist with your enquiry. You can discuss with us the needs of your project and the sizes you require.