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Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets are an effective, modern solution for any roofing requirements. They can be used as a standalone roofing material or as cladding for an existing structure. Our expertise and dedication to providing you with a great product is apparent with our roofing sheets from your first contact with us.

If you are looking to replace the roof on a barn or a durable material for a new building, our roofing sheets have got you covered. And, with numerous styles to choose from, an aesthetically pleasing result can easily be achieved. The roof sheets are suitable for domestic or commercial environments and can stand the test of time.

Benefits of roofing sheets

The benefit of using roofing sheets rather than a traditional roofing solution is that it saves substantially on the costs. Metal sheets can be applied in large sectiond that can be designed and measured to meet your requirements, rather than applying many individual tiles. Furthermore, their strength and reliability compared to tiling is significantly better, providing you with the peace of mind that your structure is protected from the outdoor elements. As well as this, should a section be damaged, it is quick and simple to install a replacement panel – this is much more efficient than replacing broken tiles.

Our roofing sheets can be designed to mimic the look of a tiled roof, without any of the drawbacks. Tile effect sheets can give you the traditional look without breaking the bank. They can be painted and coated to protect the steel from years of rain and wind. A quality roof sheet installation can last well over 10 years; therefore, they are a great choice for any long-term developments. We also provide: box profile, anti-condensation and insulated roofing sheets. Hence, there is a product that will suit your needs.

The roofing sheets that we stock are formed from high quality steel, offering a premium product that you can count on.

What are the best roofing sheets for a barn, outbuildings, industrial buildings?

The best metal sheets for any building is dependent on what you want to use it for right now … whether you have any future plans for the building and what your budget is.

A single skin Polyester, painted or powder coated roof sheet will be a good starting point, giving you a watertight building quickly and cost effectively.

If you want metal roof sheets which will give you a longer life for not a great deal more money, a Plastisol PVC coated sheet will fit the bill.

Single skin sheets can sometimes give rise to condensation forming on the underside of the sheets. This condensation of the sheets can drop from the underside of the metal roof cladding and affect the items being stored in the barn. A cost effective solution for dealing with the problem is Dr!pStop! which is applied to the underside of the metal roofing sheets during manufacture. This holds the condensation in suspension within a special non-woven fabric until it evaporates away and is vented.

The Dr!pStop! also acts as an acoustic layer, deadening sound and providing a amount of insulation.

Metal roofing sheets with Dr!pStop! are also called anti-con or anti condensation roofing sheets … but this is technically incorrect. The condensation still continues to form. It is held within the non-woven fabric.

If you are likely to be putting any heat into the building or if you want to significantly reduce the chances of frost within the building, you may want to consider insulated roof sheets.

These are available with varying levels of certification with insulation thicknesses ranging from 40mm up to 135mm.

Corrugated roofing sheets

Corrugated roof sheets normally refers to the roofing sheets which look like a curved wave shape … or a sine wave if you remember your science lessons from school.

They are normally fixed using 'J' bolts which hook under the supporting subframe and through the crown of the curve. This tends to require pre-drilling of the sheets and a second pair of hands to make sure everything is in place prior to tightening.

Corrugated roof sheets are predominantly single skin although insulated corrugated roof sheets can be supplied. They do carry a high price premium though.

What are the most popular kind of roof sheets and most common sizes available?

Trapezoidal, box section or metal roof cladding are all used to identify the most popular roof sheets. This is because they are available in a number of finishes and a wide range of colour.

They are often identified by their dimensions. For example 34/1000 or 32/1000. This means that the sheets have a crown height of 32mm and a cover width of 1000mm.

Our metal roofing sheets are cut to length which means that you are only paying for what you need, you avoid cutting the sheets and you end up with a professionally finished edge.