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Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing sheets, made to measure specifically for you will meet all your expectations for a robust, reliable roofing material. Metal roof sheets are highly adaptable and have become a great alternative to other roof material solutions, such as tiling. Our styles of metal roofing sheets are either box profile or tile effect.

Our metal roofing sheets are made using the finest steel that has been galvanised for corrosion protection. Therefore, you can count on our products to see you through the years. If you are looking for a quality roofing material, look no further than roofing sheets. They have proven to be highly effective in domestic or commercial environments, having seen use in a variety of buildings.

The main advantage of metal roofing sheets is the price. To fit them, it takes significantly less effort compared to tiled roofs and once fitted, maintenance costs are minimal.

Due to being manufactured in the exact lengths your project needs, fitting tends to be prompt and trouble free. Lengths are cut to suit your requirements, thus ensuring that you only get exactly what you need, saving you even more money.

Additionally, metal roofing sheets can be coated with either a polyester or plastisol coating for further durability and corrosion protection. These coatings are available in numerous colours and allows you to achieve a result that is reliable and visually attractive.

Colours vary from Juniper Green to Goosewing Grey, to name a couple. These coatings can drastically increase the life of galvanised metal roofing sheets and allow them to last for years and years with basic maintenance. They are useful in environments where corrosion is a concern, such as near the sea.

Our metal roofing sheets can be adapted even further, as they are available with an insulative layer that improves the heat retention, as well as heat protection, of the material.

What process is used for metal roofing sheets to become insulated?

It is very difficult for metal roof sheets already fitter to a roof to be retro fitted with insulation. Unless you can get insulation in contact with all of the underside of the metal roof, you will get condensation. If you are using insulation sheets such as polystyrene, you are likely to have some run-off.

One solution is to use a RockWool type insulation which is pushed up into contact with the underside of the metal sheets. This stops airflow and thus, stops condensation. Your best option is to buy a sheet which has been specifically manufactured as a composite insulated roofing sheet.

What metal roofing sheets sizes are manageable to fit on roof?

We can roll metal roof sheets to any length … but in practice, lengths over 8 or 9 metres start to become difficult to ship and handle. If you have a long roofing sheet requirement, you may want to think about splitting the sheet run into two or three lengths … with an overlap of between 150 and 200mm.

This will make the roofing sheets easier to handling, cheaper to ship and give you flexibility when fitting.

What profiles are available for metal roof cladding?

Metal roof cladding is available in two main profiles; a corrugated profile like Box Six, or a trapezoidal profile which is also called box profile or box cladding. Box profile is identified by the height of the crown and the width of cover. For example 32/1000.

How is a metal roof cladding system put together?

Metal Roof Sheets are laid into the prevailing so that the overlap is facing downwind.

Sheets should be laid with the first sheet fixed loosely through the valley (trough). This allows you freedom to check that the side edge of the sheet is aligned with the side of the roof as there is only limited play for adjustment as the work proceeds. When you are satisfied that the sheet is correctly aligned on the roof, fit the remainder of screws across the first sheet into the purlins.

How do anti condensation roof sheets work?

The manufacture of anti-condensation metal roofing sheets involves applying a special fleece membrane to the underside of steel sheets during manufacture. The membrane consists of a large number of interlaced PES fibres.

These absorb the condensation that forms on the underside of the sheet when outside temperatures fall and then slowly release the moisture back into the atmosphere when the temperature rises during the day. Special vented fillers in the eves and at the ridge allow this moisture laden air to vent.

It has several other advantages as it is supplied ready to fit and doesn’t require the purchase of any additional materials such as Plywood, felt etc. The membrane once applied also gives additional sound insulation thereby reducing the noise of rainfall and hail.

If you are interested in our quality metal roofing sheets and wish to know more, please get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to assist with any enquiries.