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GRP Rooflights in Birmingham

GRP rooflights in Birmingham are available in a wide range of profiles, including one matching the profile of our own metal roofing sheets. However they are translucent due to being manufactured using GRP fibreglass. This material provides long life expectancy and strength that will hold up for years to come.

GRP rooflights in Birmingham are incorporated into a roof, providing the useful function of allowing natural light to enter the building, making it more appealing to the occupants. Natural light can be a great addition to a building as it removes the artificial feeling of most structures that use roofing sheets, providing a much nicer atmosphere for anyone working inside. Our GRP fibreglass rooflights in Birmingham as a single skin allows approximately 80-90% of light transmission, therefore a significant amount of light will be entering the building. This is beneficial during the day, as less lighting can be used, saving you money spent on electricity.

Our GRP Rooflights in Birmingham Are Low Maintenance

Great appearance and strength need to be complimented by effective resistance to outdoor elements and other methods of attack. GRP rooflights in Birmingham are resistant to attack by microorganisms, fungi, larvae, insects and mildew. If the translucent sheets become dirty over time, they can simply be cleaned with mild detergent to remove any deposits, allowing them to transfer plenty of natural light into the building with basic maintenance. Furthermore, GRP rooflights in Birmingham have a minimum pitch of 10 degrees during installation.

GRP rooflights in Birmingham are also available in insulated form. These are sealed double and triple skin units which are manufactured to meet individual orders and the required lengths the customer needs. They are used in conjunction with our Thermaclad Insulated sheets to achieve a great insulation effect. Although the level of light transmission decreases to 72-81% with our insulated fibreglass sheets, this still allows substantial amounts of natural lighting. The availability of these insulated GRP rooflights in Birmingham is approximately 3 weeks.

Need to Know More?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our GRP Roofing lights in Birmingham, get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist you.