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Composite Roofing Sheets in Chelmsford

Composite roofing sheets are developed upon our existing roofing sheets; however, they are combined with other features to improve the thermal performance of the product. The composite name comes from the fact they are a sandwich of insulation fillers, a steel profiled top sheet and a steel bottom panel. Thus, effectively having a layer of insulation integrated inside of the steel roofing sheet in Chelmsford.

Our Composite Roofing Sheets in Chelmsford are Low Maintenance & Easy To Fit

Composite roof sheets are pre-assembled, making them a highly convenient solution for projects where sound deadening and thermal performance is important. They are much easier to fit compared to other insulated roofing sheets which rely on a 'double skin' or 'built-up' system which requires multiple layers to be created and filled with insulation during the fitting process. This process can cause issues if time is a concern or if the roof must be completed before poor weather moves in. Additionally, they are low maintenance just like our other products, saving you money and effort over time.

Our composite roofing sheets in Chelmsford keep your building warm during winter, due to the minimisation of heat loss. This in turn saves you substantial amounts of money spent on heating bills, as you use much less compared to regular steel roofing sheets. As with our other products, they can be applied as cladding for an existing roof or on their own.

Composite Roofing Sheets in Chelmsford In A Length & Thickness to Suit Your Project

The steel used in our composite roofing sheets in Chelmsford is high quality and chosen for its reliability and strength, helping us achieve our standard for great products and service. You can specify the length of the panels, making them adaptable and allows you to suit them to your needs. Spans can be increased due to the added strength of the panels. The thickness of the insulation inside of the composite roofing panels can vary, therefore you can choose the level of insulation you require.

We are more than happy to assist with any enquiries you may have regarding our composite roofing sheets in Chelmsford, so if you have any questions, simply get in touch.