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Box Profile Roofing Sheets in Wakefield

Box profile roofing sheets in Wakefield can provide you with a modern alternative to the more traditional types of metal roofing sheets. Their up to date design can withstand anything nature can throw at it, as well as being relatively lightweight and budget friendly. Look at our range, we might just have the right product for you.

Box profile roofing sheets in Wakefield are ideal for agricultural and industrial buildings; however, they are also perfectly suited for domestic and commercial uses as well. They are machined and measured using the finest manufacturing process, ensuring that they are fit for long-term use. Our box profile roof sheets in Wakefield do not compromise on quality, whilst delivering an agreeable competitive price.

We can cater to any type of customer with our roofing sheet products, simply contact us and we will find a solution for you. Box profile roofing sheets in Wakefield can be coated with plastisol or polyester, both have their own respective colours and finishes. The polyester coating is available in a variety of colours and provides great corrosion resistance. Plastisol coating goes one step further, it is tough and provides fantastic corrosion resistance. Whatever you may need, we can cater your box profile roof sheets in Wakefield to you.

The range of colours allows you to personalise the box profile roofing sheets to suit your personality or desired look. Your structure can visually stand out without costing a lot of money. Colours include: Juniper Green, Raven (Slate Blue), Black, Goosewing Grey, Vandyke Brown, and Slate Grey, to name a few.

Ease of installation is a given with our box profile roofing sheets in Wakefield, allowing any competent DIY’er or professional trades man to install a quality roofing solution in a relatively short time frame. Tiling would take substantially longer to fit and would require significant maintenance over time. Roofing sheets help to keep the costs down and the quality high.

How to fit box profile roofing sheets?

Fitting and fixing box profiled roofing sheets is fairly straightforward and can be undertaken by a competent DIY'er. If governed by legislation, before commencing the task please ensure that all H&S, manual handling and risk assessment procedures have been adhered to but basic common sense should always apply.

Box profile sheets in Wakefield are ideally fixed with tech fasteners in the valley (trough) part of the sheet directly into the purlin underneath. These screws are purpose made fittings for these sheets and are drilled in with an 8mm socket driver fitted in the chuck of your electric drill.

The advantages of fitting in the valley is the fitting applies a high torque when tightened correctly, without distorting the sheet, the rubber seal bonded to the galvanized washer achieves a watertight fit. They come with the relevant colour cap which fits over the fastener head to complete the job.

How do you work out how many box profile steel roofing sheets you need for your project?

Box profile roofing sheets are normally sold by the square metre or per sheet. As each sheet gives you a metre coverage, a 2.4m wide roof will need 3 sheets to cover it and a 6.7m roof will need 7 sheets. If you have an Apex roof which has a ridgeline of 6m, you will need 12 sheets; 6 each side.

How do you calculate the delivery of box profile roofing sheets to Scotland?

We are able to delivery to virtually anywhere in the UK, including Scotland.

Delivery costs for box profile roofing sheets is based on a number of factors, including weight, height and the number of pallet spaces your order will take up.

If you are looking for roofing sheets shipped to Scotland, call us and we'll price your roofing project up for you … including delivery.

Should you require any further information regarding box profile roofing sheets in Wakefield, get in touch with a member of our team and they we will discuss the right option for you.