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Anti Condensation Roofing Sheets in Kent

Anti condensation roofing sheets in Kent are ideal for situations where the prevention of moisture build up is necessary for the building in question. Condensation can be potentially harmful towards items kept inside a structure, such as the storage of goods and materials. It is a major problem on uninsulated roofs for all types of buildings, inconveniencing anyone using them. Therefore, it is imperative that these items are kept protected from the outdoor elements and the moisture it brings.

How do Anti Condensation Roofing Sheets Work?

Our anti condensation roofing sheets in Kent have a special fleece membrane that is applied to the underside of steel roofing sheets during the manufacturing process. This membrane consists of a substantial amount of interlaced PES fibres. These fibres work by absorbing any condensation that may accumulate on the roof – one metre of this material can absorb up to 1 litre of water.

When the outside temperature drops, the membrane absorbs moisture which condenses on the underside of the sheet and slowly releases it back into the atmosphere when the temperatures increase throughout the day.

The anti condensation roofing sheets in Kent are supplied ready to fit on your structure and do not requires any additional materials such as Plywood or felt. This results in a highly convenient product for anyone looking for a moisture prevention solution for their building.

Furthermore, anti-condensation roofing sheets provide the advantage of additional sound insulation which would aid with the reduction of noises like rainfall or wind.

Application Of Anti Condensation Roofing Sheets in Kent

It is important to remember to check that enough ventilation is required to allow the fleece membrane to work effectively. Ventilation at the eaves and ridge shouldn’t be blocked by standard profile fillers. These points must be left either clear of fillers, or if fillers are necessary for your application, a ventilated profile filler can be fitted. It is crucial that the membrane can release moisture into the atmosphere, otherwise the moisture problem will continue or worsen. In addition, if livestock are to be kept in the structure in question, the membrane should be pressure washed with fungicide at least once a year, or as needed.

Are You Looking For High Quality Anti Condensation Roofing Sheets in Kent?

The anti condensation roofing sheets are created using DR!PSTOP technology, which is the addition of the PES fibres. This product is industry standard and has proven effective for moisture prevention.

If you wish to know more about our anti condensation roofing sheets in Kent, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.